Welcome to The Master's Bible Chapel

Thank you for visiting! Join us for worship on Sunday where we teach hope without the hype. The following information will help you get to know us.
Who Are We?
We are a local fellowship of the Body of Christ. We call ourselves members of The Master's Bible Chapel.

Why Do We Exist?
We exist for the purpose of  Saving Souls and Changing Lives, Sharing the Word of God, for the Glory of God.

How Do We Do That?
By teaching and training Believers into becoming Available, Teachable, Usable servants of Jesus Christ, in the world.

How Are We Doing That?
Through Worship, Education, Outreach, Fellowship, and Ministry Support.

Who Can Be Involved?
Those members who have committed themselves to Faithfulness, Service, Integrity and Commitment.

What Will It Cost?
Your time, your talent, and your treasure, as directed by the Spirit of God.

How Long Will It Take?
Until He comes to get us or we go to be with Him.

What Is The Reward?
To stand before God on that day and hear Him say to each one of us "Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of my Father."

How Do I Get Involved?
The first step to becoming part of The Master's Bible Chapel is to attend  the next New Members class. This class provides an opportunity to learn about our mission vision and values, and an invitation to join our church family in our quest to make and become authentic followers of Jesus Christ.

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