Women in Ministry

At The Master's Bible Chapel, we affirm the significant and God-ordained role that women are to play in the establishment and leadership of the local church. We believe that every opportunity of leadership is open to women except, those that are excluded by Scripture. We do not feel any pressure to re-examine the clear biblical teaching on the exclusion of women from the office of pastor/elder, simply because the unregenerate world is clamoring for the church to do so. We stand with the 2,000 year old historical consensus on the teaching of Scripture that women are not to be placed in positions, within the church, where they would exercise authority over the male leadership or where they would teach doctrine to the adult men of the congregation. We do not see this as an issue of equality, for men and women are equal under God in every way. We see this as an issue of spiritual order. Men and women are not the same, the Bible makes that very clear. Just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are different in function and responsibility yet equal, so it is with the relationship between men and women. While we reject the movement within Christianity to see men and women as the same, we do stand against the other extreme which de-emphasizes the significant leadership role of women in the church. We want to see female leadership, when qualified candidates are available, in any leadership position, other than pastor, elder, or teachers of men.