Our Values

For those who serve in one of the ministries of The Master's Bible Chapel, we want you to know that we stand with you and will assist you in fulfilling His call upon your life. We believe the teaching of Ephesians 4:12 is true. It is the members and not the leaders whom God has called to do the work of the ministry. But, for each one of us to perform up to the potential that the Lord has placed within us, we need to be on the same page as to how we do ministry. We need for each member to become familiar with, and subscribe to, the Core Values of this church.

There are five foundational values upon which each ministry of TMBC will operate: FAITHFULNESS, SERVICE, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, EXCELLENCE

Based on a series of messages, on the subject, "Pillars of a Serving Church", these are the core values, under which we, as a ministry of the Lord, will serve. We have put together a set of guidelines for any one who desires to be used of the Lord in ministry at The Master's Bible Chapel. These do not replace the guidelines defined in our by-laws. But, they are designed to enhance our belief system and help you to "examine yourself", as you prepare to help us accomplish our mission. Prayerfully review them as you seek to serve Him.

The first criteria for service at TMBC, is that you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Second, you must let your desire to serve be known. As a missions ministry we expect faithful service by faithful members. For that is our call, serving the Lord faithfully. (1st Corinthians 4:2). Finally, all who serve will be interviewed by the pastor and/or his designate. Please be advised that for the safety of our members, our children and our church, a background investigation may be requested. Carefully review these guidelines for service then pray about the position that you believe God is calling you to. The success of The Master's Bible Chapel will be based on the success of its members, you! We believe that a faithful servant will make this church a strong testimony in this city and the world. Below is a definition of our Core Values and the guidelines under which each member is expected to serve:

The Master's Bible Chapel is a ministry that is full of trust in God for what it cannot see in every area of ministry. We depend on His guidance for every decision made. Your faithfulness to the call of God in your life is key to our success as a church. We want faithful members serving at every level in this church.

We Expect From You:
  • to attend regularly, the services and meetings of the church.
  • to support the work of other members, whether or not you are participating in their program.
  • to regularly pray for and financially support this ministry.
  • to regularly and consistently read and study the Word of God.
  • that the priorities of your life will display your faithfulness to God, family, church, in that order.
  • that your life away from church reflects Christ at all times.

The Master's Bible Chapel is a ministry that views service as a way of life for all its members. We will equip the saints to do the work of the ministry, through in-house and classroom training, seminars, workshops, and special events.

We Expect From You:
  • a desire, not just a 'want to' or 'filling in' or 'helping out', in your heart to serve.
  • to dedicate as much of your time as possible to the success of your ministry.
  • a consistency in your work, which will be seen by the members.
  • that your desire to serve in ministry will reflect itself in your creativity.
  • to always be mindful that you are serving the Lord and not the church at all times.
  • to never be afraid to try.

The Master's Bible Chapel is a ministry of excellence that is fair, straightforward, honest, guided by the Word of God, and conforms to a standard of right behavior, in all of its conduct and practices. The Lord wants nothing less from us as a church. Therefore we want nothing less from our members.

We Expect From You:
  • that when you no longer have the 'desire' to serve, you will not hold on to a position for namesake.
  • that your behavior away from church will reflect the teaching of Philippians 2:13-16a (please study).
  • to do nothing that will bring shame upon the Lord, yourself, your family, or The Master's Bible Chapel.
  • to not be the subject of any gossip, rumors or innuendo, that may compromise the integrity of your name or this church.
  • to not be the author of any gossip, rumors, discouragement or negative attitude towards any member.
  • openness and honesty whenever you represent this church.- to not compromise or undermine the mission, vision, or core values of this church or your ministry.
  • to never seek the applause of men in your ministry.
  • that your life will reflect the church's value of integrity.

The Master's Bible Chapel is a ministry committed to fulfilling the God given task of saving souls and changing lives for His glory.

We Expect From You:
  • to be committed to the ministry you have been called to.
  • support for all the meetings and programs of your ministry.
  • that your program decisions will reflect the vision of this church.
  • for your ministry to exhibit your love for it and Christ.- to never just 'go through the motions' of ministry.
    to build relationships with those in ministry with you.
    to never make excuses for not supporting your ministry and this church.
    that if you commit to do something, you will follow through to its completion.
    to never volunteer without first praying and making sure your ministry choice is the Lord's will.
    that the scheduling of your time outside of 'church' will include your church related activities.

When thinking of ministry at The Master's Bible Chapel, every meeting, event, program, class, etc. should always conducted in a first class manner.

We Expect From You:
  • to thoroughly plan your event.
  • to not skip the details.
  • to make sure everyone involved is well aware of what is expected.
  • to carry out every assignment to completion.
  • to strive for originality and uniqueness.
  • to avoid the shortcuts that will compromise your integrity.
  • to keep costs under control without compromising quality.

After reading these guidelines for ministry, you may ask, "Do we want you to be perfect?" The answer of course is 'NO!' There is none perfect but Christ! If you think about it, none of these guidelines are impossible to a Believer, who is day by day, being transformed into an image of Christ.