Our Story

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a master storyteller. It is amazing what He is able to do in the life of a person who is obedient to His calling. Here is the living story that the Lord has begun.

This episode is entitled "The Master's Bible Chapel".

Germando and Katherine Jordan were saved one week apart in 1976, at a home bible study, under the leadership of Pastor James Coleman of Metropolitan Community Tabernacle, a church who's roots are founded in the teaching of the Plymouth Brethren.

In 1988 Pastor Coleman was called home to be with the Lord and George Washington was called to be Pastor. While serving in various capacities at Metropolitan, Germando was called of the Lord to preach the Gospel of Salvation, to all whom the Lord would give "an ear to hear". In 1991, under the ministry of Pastor Washington, Germando was licensed to preach the Gospel. After much prayer, consultation and obedience, in February 1998, following 22 years of ministry, the Lord began a new chapter in the life of he and his wife. With a strong conviction, Bro. Jordan left his church home to begin a new work in Southfield, Michigan.

The Master's Bible Chapel, began as a home bible study in the Jordan's dining room. At the first meeting were Bro Jordan, his wife and his brother. Visitors to the study began coming on a regular basis. A Sunday service was held in the dining room of their home by special request. Sensing the need, they began renting space at the local Salvation Army Conference Center, in Southfield. In January 1999, Germando was ordained to the Gospel Ministry, by the Elders of the United Assemblies of Detroit. After meeting on Wednesday's for several months, the fellowship saw the need to begin meeting on The Lord's Day for worship and communion.

The first "official" Worship service was held on the first Sunday in March, 1999. As the Lord continues to lead, others began joining the work. Only heaven will reveal the since of joy we have in our hearts towards those who have, and continue, to support this ministry. The story of this bible teaching church is still being written. In October 2000, The Master's Bible Chapel Family was received as the 7th member of The United Assemblies of Detroit. Our mission, "Saving Souls, Changing Lives, Through the Word of God, To the Glory of God" is based upon the Great Commission given to all who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

As we continue to evolve we are working towards achieving the vision the Lord has given Pastor Jordan. As he says "we will build this church by making Memories And Relationships thru Kingdom Service together!". For us the final chapter, by His Amazing Grace, will not be written until He returns for His Body, the Church.